Please note, this is an old guide for Server Deployment only, for Cloud service please use our Knowledge Base

What do I need to start if you on your own or starting new company?

Lots of taxi drivers and new business owners ask this question. Here is our take on what we think is best way to start.

Get your platform ready for your audience

Your business needs a place where the customer can find what you do and follow up with the order. To achieve that you need two things:

Website – a website will allow your customer to find out who you are, what service you do and if they like what they see, to make a booking.

Web Booking will

1. Website design
2. Web Booking & Dispatch Software to process the booking, we offer two solutions:
– Cloud
– Self-manage
Website Design
As a starting company, Starter web design solution is what you need. Cost effective, clean design, easy to book solution.
– Website design fee is £100. You can use images already available as part of the design but other content like writing and logo are not included. We can create a logo and text – see our pricing
– Any website has to be set up to work. Please read about setup here
Web Booking & Dispatch Software
As a new, small company we recommend to use our Cloud service thus taking full benefit of our offer and starting right away. You focus on your business not technology which powers it. Cost £30/m up to 10 active drivers.
If you are keen on Self-manage solution then we recommend to start with Software + Driver app to start with, cost £200. This also requires software setup – check Software Setup Guide and Web Booking integration – check Web Booking Integration Guide.
Passenger App can be added at a later stage at any time.
Setup with EasyTaxiOffice help
Would like to use EasyTaxiOffice help? Not a problem, just remember this will incur a setup fee of £30.

Let’s get information ready

Login details (Login window, Username and Password) to domain account.

Login details (Login window, Username and Password) to the hosting account.

Optionally you can send the limited access to:

– 1 x MySQL database (Hostname, Username, Password, Database name)

– FTP access (Hostname, Username, Password)