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Web Booking & Dispatch Software – version 4.0

Update 4.0.6

17 November 2020

Mail settings

The Mail settings has been revamped allowing greater control and more flexibility. Four new setting have been added:

From name and From email allow setting a sender name and email independently of company details used in Settings -> General tab.
Reply to email allows setting an email address customers will reply to.
Admin email allows setting an email address to which the admin will receive an email notification (e.g. customer makes a reservation, driver changes status).

The Sendmail and SMTP connection has also been improved by decreasing possible human error in the setup and better warning system when incorrect details have been entered. Mail settings are now available in Setting -> Mail tab.


Improvements and Optimisation

– Customer list in an admin booking form has been reorder to display by Customer Name.
– Improved warning system for GPwebpay payment method integration. In the event of an error, the client will now be able to see it.
– Added PayTabs payment method (available as add-on).
– Added a setting allowing to enable/disable “Flight number” and “Flight city” in Settings -> Web Booking Widget -> Step 3 -> Flight details tab.
– Added new setting “Allow payments to be made when the booking status is unconfirmed” in Settings -> Web Booking Widget -> General -> Booking status section. When enabled, customers can choose payment methods and make a booking but payment is not taken.
– Added a setting “Remove decimal zeros from prices” in Settings ->Booking tab, e.g. £100.00 will turn to £100.
– Added a new filter “Services” to Reports tab.
– Enabled geolocation button in web booking widget in passenger app (app v1.9.1 and higher).



– Fixed an issue with the Passenger button on iOS 14 (iPhone and iPad) where the screen was freezing.
– Fixed an issue with the “Activity” button being shown in the Dispatch booking listing tab when the option has been disabled.
– Fixed an issue with a language switcher overlapping Web booking header on mobile in same instances.
– Fixed an issue with invoice downloading in the booking listing where an account customer has not been assigned.
– Fixed an issue with payment link redirection in payment history tab, the link was redirecting to homepage in some cases.

Update 4.0.5

13 October 2020

Location Surcharge

– Renamed page “Parking Charges” to “Location Surcharge” in Settings -> Pricing menu.
– Renamed setting “Include airport charges in quote” to “Add this charge to Journey Price in step 2 of Web Booking” and moved the setting from “Settings -> Booking” to “Settings -> Pricing -> Location Surcharge”
– Improved Location Surcharge allowing creation of individual surcharges for each location instead of only one applying to all locations.
– Added “Duplicate” option in Settings -> Pricing -> Location Surcharge tab.
– Added “Insert” option in Settings -> Pricing -> Location Surcharge tab. It allows inserting a pre-filled location e.g. Congestion charge.
– Added option to limit Location Surcharge to specific events/time.
– Added option to change Location Surcharge Active/Inactive status directly from the list.


Minimum fare price

– Minimum fare price settings has been moved from Settings -> Booking to Settings -> Pricing -> Distance & Time
– Minimum fare price system has been improved, setting “Add Minimum fare price to Distance & Time fare price” applies now to individual vehicles type settings.
– Visual adjustment for easier use and better understanding.



– Fixed an issue with wrong VAT calculation by replacing it with formula:
Included VAT = price / (100 + VAT %) * VAT %
– ” VAT inc. ” text has been added next to the price in a Web Booking widget and booking confirmation email. It is displayed only when VAT percent has been set in Settings -> Pricing -> Tax tab.
– Parking charges are now excluded from VAT calculation.


Zone system

– Increased the height of a map in the Zone tab for easier use.
– Added a new setting “Meeting point”. When enabled, a meeting point instruction is displayed when a searched address is within the Zone.
– Added a new setting “Airport”. When enabled, “Meet and greet” and “Flight details” are displayed when a searched address is within the Zone.
– Fixed an issue with incorrect type of location (zone or postcode) being displayed in the Fixed price tab.
– Fixed an issue with parking charges that was in some instances not applied when the Zone system was used.


Business Profile

– Fixed an issue with a payment link in web booking not working in some cases when Business Profile was activated.
– Fixed an issue with a cookie wrong path in the Business Profile when starting a session.
– Fixed an issue with vehicle type name disappearing in Web Booking listing when editing a booking while Business Profile was enabled.
– Fixed an issue with loading a wrong vehicle type being displayed in Web Booking form when the booking was edited from another Business Profile.
– Fixed an issue with redirecting customers to the right Business Profile when another Business Profile was in use.


Other Improvements and Optimisation

– Optimised Web Booking widget to load faster.
– Optimised display of drivers on map in Dispatch tab. Drivers with status “Unavailable” or inactive for 30min, will not be displayed.
– Enabled integration with It is available as a pay add-on.
– Enabled integration for Svea payment. It is available as a pay add-on.
– Added a “Ordering” setting in the Fixed price tab. It allows set priority of which Fixed prices are applied.
– Added a new setting “Set booking form offline” allowing to set Web Booking to offline. The setting is located in Settings -> Web Booking Widget -> General tab.
– Added function allowing admin to see when the driver was last seen by hovering over the driver icon on the dispatch map.
– Adjusted vehicle icons in Dispatch tab. Now it shows in which direction the vehicle is heading.
– Added a new function in admin panel booking form which calculates and displays Journey estimated distance and duration.
– Added a setting allowing Activate/Deactivate fixed prices directly from booking listing.
– Removed white spaces characters form integration links located in Settings -> General -> URLs as it causes issues with some mailboxes and the feedback link was displayed as broken.
– Added function to automatically refresh booking listing page after Edit, Duplicate or Payment popup is being closed.
– Improved use of Next 24h page by displaying bookings which are not Completed or Cancelled and are up to 12h in the past. This allows admin to see instant bookings and bookings which were not dispatched on time.
– Added a new setting to the Notification page in Settings -> Notifications allowing notification to be sent to the customer when status is changed to On Board. The aim is to inform the customer account holder when the passenger (e.g. company employee is on board).
– Added a new setting “Attach driver and vehicle details to customer notification email” in Settings -> Notifications for status: Job Assigned, Job Accepted and On Route. The aim is to give the admin a choice of when these details are sent.
– Changed what information is displayed on the Meeting Board. Now if there is a Lead Passenger, the meeting board will display Lead Passenger name instead of Passenger name.
– Added option to enable/disable encryption (SSL) in TextLocal integration. Some servers require it to be disable for the integration to work.
– Extend Mobile app styling functionality located in Settings -> Styles. Now the styles also apply to Welcome pages of the passenger app.
– Added a new setting Phone number prefix to Settings -> Localization. It allows to set a default phone number prefix for phone number fields in booking form.
– Added translations for duration field for Web Booking form.
– Added booking price summary in the booking detail page in the Driver account.
– Added some corrections to Polish language.
– Added new feature allowing translation management to Settings -> Translations tab.
– Added number of notifications displayed directly in the address fields of the Web Booking form in case there is an issue with Google API setting. Up to now there was no notification of any error and the customer was faced with an empty form and no further instruction what to do.
– Renamed page “Additional Charges” to “Item Surcharge” in Settings -> Pricing menu.
– Moved warning “Better use of postcode based Fixed Price system” from Web Booking form to Settings -> Web Booking Widget -> General tab.
– Removed unnecessary “#” prefix from booking reference number.


Other Fixes

– Fixed an issue with Web Booking widget displaying wrong tooltip messages when entering an email address.
– Fixed an issue with wrong configuration of Type of Vehicle. Default Max vehicle amount has been changed from 0 to 1.
– Fixed an issue with booking listing page where in some cases it was not able to cache and display the correct number of bookings per page
– Fixed an issue with a notification being sent to a driver when booking status was set to incomplete.
– Fixed an issue with a customer not being able to receive a driver tracking link when re-sending notification from booking listing tab.
– Fixed an issue with an error “404 page not found” appearing in some cases when accessing a driver tracking link.
– Fixed an issue with an overlapping price and a vehicle name in Web Booking form at some mobile devices.
– Fixed an issue with getting quotes and saving booking in admin booking form when “Hide location” setting was enabled.
– Fixed an issue with a Minimum price not being applied when distance range factors were set to zero.
– Fixed an issue with Lead passenger details being deleted when assigning a driver.
– Fixed an issue with booking form where Google Geocode service could not find some addresses and apply to Fixed Prices.
– Fixed an issue with the Help tooltip not displaying correctly in the dispatch footer.
– Fixed an issue with a discount price equal to 0 when setting “Round total price” was set to “Down to closest integer”.

Update 4.0.4

2 July 2020


– Added a “Driver income” and “Passenger charge” setting to “Duplicate booking” function.
– Added a “Border radius” setting to Web Booking Styles in Settings -> Styles.
– Added a setting to show/hide password in Settings -> Integration -> Mail settings -> SMTP section.
– Added a function to send job notifications to drivers when a customer makes a new booking. This function only works with the Availability module and if the driver has been assigned to a vehicle type in Settings -> Type of vehicle.
– Added settings “Display customer company number” and “Display customer company tax number” in Settings -> Invoices.
– Added to the customer account and the app a function to calculate and display an Estimated journey time and Driver location on map. This information becomes available when the driver change the job status to “On Route”.
– Moved Booking listing and Dispatch layout settings from the cookies to the database allowing to share the same settings across different devices and it won’t reset after software upgrade.
– Added options to override default URL (Home, Booking, My Account, Contact, Feedback and Terms & Conditions) for different languages.
– Added a “Finnish” language translation.
– Updated existing translation.



– Fixed an issue with selecting correct status in a booking form (in an admin panel) when in edit mode.
– Fixed an issue with a booking attachment in the driver app where once a file was opened, it was not possible to close it or leave the page.
– Fixed an issue with location search in booking form where some servers security mode was blocking search requests.
– Fixed an issue with an error appearing while deleting return booking from trash tab.
– Fixed an issue with the wrong company logo being displayed in the driver tracking page.
– Fixed an issue with phone number validation in booking form where some phone numbers were displayed as invalid.
– Fixed an issue with switching language in the customer account when the widget was embedded in a multilingual website.

Update 4.0.3

21 May 2020

Redesign of Request a Quote and Enquiry Now” functions

Request the Quote and Enquiry Now functions have been redesigned and combined in one setting group called “Price settings” located in Settings -> Web Booking Widgets -> General tab -> section Price settings.

Allocating both functions in the same place with price setting makes it easy to understand all dependencies between these functions. It also fixes a number of issues:

– Fixed an issue with displaying vehicle types when the option “Allow submitting booking without price” was enabled.
– Fixed an issue with the route could not be found when an “Allow booking without price” was enabled. The system showed step 1 of the booking and when the user clicked on the calculated price nothing was happening.
– Fixed an issue with no type of vehicle being display in step 2 in some instances
– Fixed an issue with not being able to go to step 2 of the Web Booking in same instances

Also added a warning when no vehicle is available in step 2, the system will show a message “No vehicles available matching your search criteria. Please adjust options and try again.” followed by a go back button.


– Improved “Source” function in Booking form located in Dispatch -> Booking Form -> Source option. Now the sources can be added, edited and removed. Sources from all Business profiles have been merged into one list.
– Improved visuals of Style tab located in Settings -> Styles tab. It is now more compact and takes less space.
– Added new style setting for mobile app to Style tab located in Settings -> Styles tab.
– Improved Hungarian language translations.
– Added “Edit” option to “Booking option” in the customer account. It will show a popup with a message saying that customers can contact the company via email or phone to make changes to booking.
– Removed “New booking” button in the booking detail page in the customer account and passenger app.
– Added “Booking options” button in the booking detail page in the customer account and passenger app. This button already exists in the same but without a title.
– Added a section with driver and vehicle details in the booking detail page in the customer account and passenger app.
– Added Twilio SMS integration.
– Remove SMSGateway integration as this service is no longer available.


– Fixed an issue with detecting default business profiles.
– Fixed an issue with editing trashed bookings.
– Fixed an issue with sidebar scrolling in Internet Explorer and Edge browsers.
– Fixed an issue with driver job reminders that were sent to the driver even though the booking status was set to Cancelled status

Update 4.0.2

08 May 2020


– Fixed an issue with saving booking in admin panel.
– Fixed an issue with sending notifications from wrong business profile.

Update 4.0.1

22 April 2020

Airport drop-offs

Added an airport drop-off functionality allowing customer to provide additional information for an airport pickup. Also a number of setting has been added to allow control over what information company would like to get.

– Flight departure number.
– Flight departure time.
– Flight departure to (city).
– Adjust a customer pickup time for airport drop-offs to (x) minutes before plane departure time.

This settings can be found in Settings -> Web Booking Widget -> Step 3 -> section Flight details – Dropoff


 – Improved On Route notification sent via sms and email. The notification will now contain a url via which the customer can view driver details and track the driver position on the map. This information is temporary and access to it will expire within 24h.
 – Add a new function to allow a driver to upload files. This function can be enable/disable in Settings -> Users -> section Driver -> setting “Driver can upload files e.g. payment receipt.
 – Added a new feature allowing admin to add the “Driver income” while adding a new booking. When dispatching a job to a driver the system will use this value instead of auto calculate it based on “Driver income (%)”.
 – Added a setting “Vehicle type” to “Vehicle” tab (path: Settings -> Vehicle). Assigning the vehicle type informs the system of the vehicle capacity. It’s a must setting for the Auto dispatch to work. Drivers which vehicle has no vehicle type will be excluded from auto dispatching.
 – Changed translation for “Already Paid” to “Payment not required”.
 – Changed in database reminders description column type from “varchar” to “text”.
 – Changed in database meeting point note column type from “varchar” to “text”.

Version 4.0

1 April 2020

The Speed

We have implemented a number of speed optimisation in dispatch and booking tabs. These improvements will significantly increase loading speed and responsive time of your software.

– Improved system page load speed, all panels will load faster now eg. booking listing, dispatch, users, reports tabs and more.
– Improved update system for slower servers. In case an update process fails the system will resume the process instead of locking it entirely.
– All settings are now displayed in separate tabs instead of an expandable menu.
– A system compatibility check has been added. This functionality is available in a new tab Debug. Each time this tab is open the system runs a check for software requirements compatibility. Also additional options have been added to allow admin to clear software temporary data on the server. Path: Settings -> Debug


We have made some change to user interface layout improving the system visibility and removing unnecessary clatter. 

– Added duplicate functionality to Fixed prices. This aims to increase the speed of creating new prices faster.
– Improved user admin panel interface by removing icons and buttons.
– Changed side menu order in the admin panel from A-Z. This aims to improve the speed of visual search.


– Added customer details e.g. name, email and phone number to create new booking button in Caller ID tab. This will auto pre-fill customer details in booking form, so admin doesn’t have to copy this data manually anymore.
– To make the workflow easier open a call, the system will open up Add New booking form.

Driver Income

A bunch of settings influencing driver income has been added to the system. These settings allow admin to choose what type of charges are included or excluded while calculating driver income.

– Child seats
– Additional Items
– Parking Charges
– Payment Charges
– Meet & Greet, Discount

Path: Settings -> Driver Income.

Meeting board

Meeting board settings has been expanded

– ‘Name font size (pixels)’ – This setting allows to adjust a customer name font size.
– ‘Show in header’ – This setting allows control if to display a logo (company logo or customer logo) or not.
– ‘Show in footer’ – This setting allows to display details like: ref number, from – to, date, passenger and child seats amount in the meeting board footer.

Path: Settings -> Booking -> section Meeting board

Other improvements

– Added booking trash functionality. Deleted bookings go to the trash tab and can be restored. No more accidental booking delete. Bookings removed from the trash tab will be permanently deleted.
– Made a change to database structure. Now it will not be possible to create two accounts with the same email address. This is a necessary change to enable further software improvement.
– Modules tab has been renamed to Subscription. This tab contains information about your current software plan, updates and additional modules.
– Added Upload the avatar/company logo functionality to the customer account. The image will be displayed in the customer account. If the account was registered as a company account the logo can also be displayed on the ‘Meeting board’.
– EasyTaxiOffice license link has been moved from the side menu to the subscription tab.
– A new tab ‘Debug’ has been added to the system. Each time this tab is open the system runs a check for the software requirements compatibility. In this tab also few additional options have been added to allow admin to clear software temporary data on the server. Path: Settings -> Debug
– Added Departments functionality to the customer company account allowing the company to create departaments and assign jobs to it.
– Added a function to sort users in the listing tab by activity date (the photo column). It allows the admin to see who is currently online.
– Added option for admin to see user activity status in user detail page (online or offline).


– Fixed an issue with booking tabs not being displayed properly where the AddBlocker extension was active.
– Fixed an issue with a new booking count where it did not show the correct number. Also improve this feature so now when booking is edited directly from the listing tab it is automatically “Marked as read”.
– Fixed an issue with iframe popups where some popup content could not be displayed in full.

– Fixed an issue with availability status in listing located in Users -> Drivers, where in some cases it showed the driver’s status as Available while the driver’s actual status was Busy.
– Fixed an issue with service name in booking listing tab where in some cases the service name was missing and an error was displayed instead.