Please note, this is an old guide for Server Deployment only, for Cloud service please use our Knowledge Base

Version 3.25.0

30 January 2020

Passenger App
We have made some major improvements for the Passenger App. This includes layout changes which makes the app easier to use, information are clearer to spot, and it features a driver tracking system.
Report System
We have implemented a number of improvements through the report system. This includes layout visual changes, displaying more data and complete revamp of how reports are stored.

Create report bar

Couple of new feature has been added

– Status – allowing you to choose the booking status.
– Journey Date / Create Date switch – allowing to further specify what sort of booking to display


Individual driver

– Visual improvement to the whole table to make information available at glance.
– List of booking is now visible all the time.
– Total column has been added.
– Passenger charge column has been broken down into two columns: Company Take and Driver Take.
– Company Take provides a list of payments for each booking. Total in this column is a value equivalent to all payment set us Paid. Hover over the Total to see a breakdown of all payments.
– Final Balance has been simplified to inform only who has to make the payment to whom.
– “Send to driver” button has been added. It sends a report to the driver email.
– Export functionality has been added.



– A graph functionality has been added – allowing you to see income data from a new perspective.


Save, send and export to all drivers

A bunch of new option has been added:

– Save and send reports to all drivers – allows saving and sending reports to all drivers in one go. This automatise the whole process of creating and sending reports.
– Save and send reports to all drivers – allows sending reports to all drivers in one go.
– Export all – allows exporting the report for all drivers in one go.


Settings tab

A bunch of settings has been added:

This two settings allow admin to control what income information drivers will see:
– Show “total” to drivers in email
– Show “company take” to drivers in email

This two settings allow admin to control what income information will be exported:
– Show “total” in export
– Show “company take” in export

This setting will hide/show the visual charts in report page
– Show charts

Caller ID
– Added customer details e.g. name, email and phone number to create new booking button in Caller ID tab. This will auto pre-fill customer details in booking form, so admin doesn’t have to copy this data manually anymore.
– To make the workflow easier open a call, the system will open up Add New booking form.
– Improved customer name display in admin booking listing tab for accounts using additional Business Profile where some data could not be displayed.
– Improve Barclaycard payment method integration to make integration process easier and faster
– Improved booking widget integration code for Business Profile. Now the system will also generate site key parameter.
– Visual improvements to the Driver Availability module.
– Improved export option in admin booking listing tab, now the export will also take into account table settings e.g column order, column visibility and filters. Basically the same data which is displayed in the table will be exported to excel file.
– Improve booking listing visibility by allowing folding text in “Passenger name” and “Lead passenger name” columns. More text can be viewed by clicking a button “More”.

– Added new settings “Show passenger name in calendar”, “Show account name in calendar” and “Show service type in calendar” in Settings -> Users -> Admin tab.
– Added a new setting “Attach journey details in iCal format to booking confirmation email”. This setting enables a customer to add booking to their calendar directly from the email. Path: Settings -> Web Widget -> General tab.
– Added a new setting “Better use of postcode based Fixed Price system” to Settings -> Google tab.

– Removed price formatting when exporting data to Excel file. This will enable price sumup in the file.
– After adding a new event to the driver calendar the popup will be automatically closed.
– Simplified driver and admin profile edit form. All fields and button icons were removed to make the form clearer.

– Fixed an issue with Holiday Surcharge where new surcharge could be created without title or price and it display additional price in dispatch as 0. Now if the title or price has no value it will be automatically removed after saving.
– Fixed an issue with the “Loading more” in driver dropdown menu in booking edit tab.
– Fixed an issue with the “Navigate to” button in the driver job detail tab. The navigation link could not be opened on iOS devices.
– Fixed an issue with swap location button in booking widget, the locations could not be reversed properly.
– Fixed an issue with loading iframeResizer plugin in reports and modules tabs when Caller ID option was enabled. The popup did not adjust its height.
– Fixed an issue with a summary box showing the wrong vehicle type when using setting “Show passenger, luggage and hand luggage amount options in the first step of the booking”.
– Fixed an issue with a Driver Availability module where in same cases the system wasn’t blocking already set busy dates.

Update v3.25.2

28 February 2020

Fixes and improvements

– Fixed an issue with the export function in the Booking Report not working in some cases.
– Fixed an issue with driver commission displaying 0% instead of the actual value in the Driver Report system.
– Fixed an issue with customer name not being displayed properly in the customer account, the name was coming out of the box.

Update v3.25.1

24 February 2020

Fixes and improvements

– Improved passenger filed in dispatch. Now it is possible to search for passengers that are already in the system.
– Added AppSecret key to RingCentral integration keeping the user login for 7 days instead of 1h.
– Disabled autocomplete for field in payment method edit tab.

– Fixed an issue with widget integration with the website where the system was getting a redirection loop if the booking url set in the settings was the same as the booking widget url.
– Fixed an issue with the Zone system where the system would display zones from other Business Profiles. This issue happened when using the Business Profile module.
– Fixed an issue with applying wrong Meeting Point instruction when Business Profile module was activated.
– Fixed an issue with sending invoices to customers in the booking listing tabs when the button “Send” was clicked a line of code was displayed.
– Fixed an issue with Fixed Prices where the vehicle type was set to zero it didn’t calculate mileage price. Now it does.
– Fixed an issue with changing date on iOS where the date could not be saved and error was displayed.
– Fixed issue with the system automatically removing the infant seat from the add-ons list in the booking when the price for the infant seats was set to zero.
– Fixed an issue with the “Minimum booking time” setting where it didn’t work properly if the user device was set to different time zones. Now it is dependent on the company time zone only.