Update v3.22.0
9 September 2019
Fixes and improvements
– Driver and admin panels performance optimization. It will send less queries to database on each page load resulting in faster loading.
– Fixed issue with Stripe payment method post transaction notifications webhook, it redirecting to another page instead of returning successful message.
– Improvement in Google API section setting to make the browser and skey setup process easier.
– Fixed an issue with saving airport detection postcodes, now the system allows to use postcodes separated with enter or comma sign.
– Help popup in location tab can now be open with a mouse click.
– Added an example next to each field in location “Add new location”.
– Full address field in location creation tab is now required, it is used to properly geocode locations.
– Fixed an issue with system working slow, when high value was set by a mistake in Type of Vehicle -> Add new /Edit -> Max vehicle amount . Now this setting is limited to a maximum value of 30.
– Change functionality of “Save” button in Fixed Prices tab. Now when click, it saves information and close the popup instead of just saving information and stay open. Additionally there has been added “Save & Edit” button allowing to save information but keep editing it.
– Listing tabs will no longer reset to the first page after edit. Now it will stay on the same page.
– Improved zones detection in fixed prices, it did not apply zones in some cases.
– All special characters displayed in admin and driver booking listing info popup will now be converted into HTML code to prevent display errors.
– Added “createDateTime”, “createDate”, “createTime”, “createDateTimeFormatted”, “createDateFormatted” and “createTimeFormatted” parameter to booking ref number format.
– Corrected issue with overlapping containers in 3rd step of the booking process, it happened when browser was set to certain dimensions.
– Improved time picker spacing, arrows were overlapping with numbers in Safari browser.
– Fixed problem with sql dumper in software updater, it did not accept “-” characters in table list name.