Patch 4.0.3

21 May 2020

Redesign of Request a Quote and Enquiry Now” functions

Request the Quote and Enquiry Now functions have been redesigned and combined in one setting group called “Price settings” located in Settings -> Web Booking Widgets -> General tab -> section Price settings.

Allocating both functions in the same place with price setting makes it easy to understand all dependencies between these functions. It also fixes a number of issues:

– Fixed an issue with displaying vehicle types when the option “Allow submitting booking without price” was enabled.
– Fixed an issue with the route could not be found when an “Allow booking without price” was enabled. The system showed step 1 of the booking and when the user clicked on the calculated price nothing was happening.
– Fixed an issue with no type of vehicle being display in step 2 in some instances
– Fixed an issue with not being able to go to step 2 of the Web Booking in same instances

Also added a warning when no vehicle is available in step 2, the system will show a message “No vehicles available matching your search criteria. Please adjust options and try again.” followed by a go back button.


– Improved “Source” function in Booking form located in Dispatch -> Booking Form -> Source option. Now the sources can be added, edited and removed. Sources from all Business profiles have been merged into one list.
– Improved visuals of Style tab located in Settings -> Styles tab. It is now more compact and takes less space.
– Added new style setting for mobile app to Style tab located in Settings -> Styles tab.
– Improved Hungarian language translations.
– Added “Edit” option to “Booking option” in the customer account. It will show a popup with a message saying that customers can contact the company via email or phone to make changes to booking.
– Removed “New booking” button in the booking detail page in the customer account and passenger app.
– Added “Booking options” button in the booking detail page in the customer account and passenger app. This button already exists in the same but without a title.
– Added a section with driver and vehicle details in the booking detail page in the customer account and passenger app.
– Added Twilio SMS integration.
– Remove SMSGateway integration as this service is no longer available.


– Fixed an issue with detecting default business profiles.
– Fixed an issue with editing trashed bookings.
– Fixed an issue with sidebar scrolling in Internet Explorer and Edge browsers.
– Fixed an issue with driver job reminders that were sent to the driver even though the booking status was set to Cancelled status

This patch is available for all accounts with software version 4.0. If you don’t have it yet, then we recommend you to get update today!