Patch 4.0.2

08 May 2020


– Fixed an issue with saving booking in admin panel.
– Fixed an issue with sending notifications from wrong business profile.

Patch 4.0.1-2

22 April 2020

Airport drop-offs

Added an airport drop-off functionality allowing customer to provide additional information for an airport pickup. Also a number of setting has been added to allow control over what information company would like to get.

– Flight departure number.
– Flight departure time.
– Flight departure to (city).
– Adjust a customer pickup time for airport drop-offs to (x) minutes before plane departure time.

This settings can be found in Settings -> Web Booking Widget -> Step 3 -> section Flight details – Dropoff


 – Improved On Route notification sent via sms and email. The notification will now contain a url via which the customer can view driver details and track the driver position on the map. This information is temporary and access to it will expire within 24h.
 – Add a new function to allow a driver to upload files. This function can be enable/disable in Settings -> Users -> section Driver -> setting “Driver can upload files e.g. payment receipt.
 – Added a new feature allowing admin to add the “Driver income” while adding a new booking. When dispatching a job to a driver the system will use this value instead of auto calculate it based on “Driver income (%)”.
 – Added a setting “Vehicle type” to “Vehicle” tab (path: Settings -> Vehicle). Assigning the vehicle type informs the system of the vehicle capacity. It’s a must setting for the Auto dispatch to work. Drivers which vehicle has no vehicle type will be excluded from auto dispatching.
 – Changed translation for “Already Paid” to “Payment not required”.
 – Changed in database reminders description column type from “varchar” to “text”.
 – Changed in database meeting point note column type from “varchar” to “text”.


 – Fixed an issue with flickering booking widget in horizontal mode.
 – Fixed an issue with driver name not displaying in an admin calendar.

This patch is available for all accounts with software version 4.0. If you don’t have it yet, then we recommend you to get update today!