What do I need to run the software?

To run the software you need:

  • Domain
  • Hosting
  • App Store Hosting
  • Google API


Domain is the url name via which software can be accessed e.g. https://yourcompanyname.co.uk/eto/ It is needed for any website or cloud based software to work. The process of purchase takes few minutes and cost about £20 for first two years. Please follow this link to purchase it.


What is hosting? – please read this article.

You can use your existing hosting or setup a new one for your business.

You can use a third party company – we recommend to purchase PRO package form this company (about £10/m). All issues regarding server you need to take through their support system.

Or take advantage of our offer and avoid the hustle of setup, communication and management. Have a peace of mind that all is working just as it should be. We offer:

£10 per month (we charge £60 on 6 months basis)
– Reliable and fast hosting with regular backups
– In case of any issues with server our team take care of it. No need to communicate via third party company

Hosting Plus
£25 per month
This option is created to ensure companies take advantage of reliable service with access to best tools as soon as they become available. This includes:
– Access to latest features and development
– Regular software and apps updates
– Regular security updates
– Reliable and fast hosting and backup

App Store Hosting

There are two choices to app store hosting:
– Setup your own app stores accounts with Google Play and Apple and send us access to both accounts. This is pay service and costs are Google Play #£20 one-time, Apple app store ~£77 per year.
– Or use our service and avoid the hustle of setup, communication and management – available for £70 per year.

Google API

You need following APIs enable and connected:
Google Places API Web Service
Google Maps Directions API
Google Maps Geocoding API
Google Maps Embed API
Google Maps JavaScript API

You can read more about Google API here.