Please note, this is an old guide for Server Deployment only, for Cloud service please use our Knowledge Base

What are we planning to do within next few months

An insight into what we are working on already and how how we plan to shape the software in a the near future.

Payment Deposit update

Estimated released date 30 May


This update aims to expand use of deposit functionality and easier to understand how to use it.

1. Name title will be rename to Type of Vehicle, in drop-down list Default will be rename All Vehicle
2. In Value, the functionality +/- will be removed
3. Remaining amount will be paid with

  • Remaining amount will be paid with will be removed.
  • A note will be added: “Remaining balance for all payment methods is set to be paid with Credit-Card. Select a payment method for remaining balance to be marked as It will be paid in Cash.”
  • An option will be added Remaining balance paid in Cash – it will allow to select a payment method from a drop-down list.

4. Select value by default

  • A note will be added above this option: “Select which Payment status to be marked by default”
  • Select value by default will be rename to Payment status
  • An option will be added Switch off Full payment status it will allow to select a payment method from a drop-down list.

5. Active Fixed Prices deposit


  • A note will be added above this option: “When set to Active, a deposit setup functionality will be available in Fixed Prices panel. Select Deposit status to be apply by default in Fixed Prices panel”
  • Active Fixed Prices deposit will be renamed to Deposit status

Assign same vehicle to multiply drivers update

Estimated released date 5 June


Based on your feedback (than you all involved!) and number of testing we come to conclusion we need to redesign Assign vehicle to a driver functionality to allow Assigning same vehicle to multiply drivers.

Changes we planning to implement:


  • “Assign driver” in vehicle tab will be removed
  • “Assign vehicle” in driver tab will be add
  • The system will be modify to allow assigning multiply vehicle to the same driver

Hourly Service – charge your customer by the hour update

Released date – to be announced

This update is for a module which has been available in the past but it has been disconnected from latest versions due to it’s limitation. It aims to make hourly service available again in an easier to use and more agile form.

This module allows to create hourly service for your customers, especially useful if you provide custom trip chauffeuring, diplomats transfer or wedding chauffeuring / vehicle hire.

About this module:

  • Allows access to hourly pricing system in Settings -> Pricing -> Hourly Service
  • Allow setup hourly charge for each vehicle type individually.
  • Allows setting minimum and maximum amount to hours for hire
  • Allows setting how to charge the customer:
    – per hour only
    – per hour + driver journey pickup-dropoff
    – per hour + driver journey base-pickup-dropoff-base
  • Web Booking will allow customer to make a full online booking with hourly based functionality

Cancelled Status

Released date – to be announced

A functionality of Cancelled status will be expanded to allow a choice of reason why booking was cancel. E.g. Customer cancelled, no show, date or time change, etc. Amin will be allow to create its own reasons.

For each status driver will be allow to set:

  • “Allow driver to use it” – status will be enable for the driver.
  • “Include booking in driver income” – all booking marked with it will be calculated towards driver income (very important for a status e.g. No Show).