1. Individual discount – system allows creating unlimited amount of discounts in form of PROMO code which customer can apply while making the journey. This type of discount can be set to give percent ( e.g 10% ) or value (e.g. £10) discount. This also can be set to be use for one or multiple times (set amount) and/or can be also set valid for certain period of time ( set date from-to, set time from-to).

You can create new coupons in Admin -> Settings -> Pricing -> Discounts tab.

Here are some of the options explained:
Allowed times – Maximum available amount of coupons.
Already used (Used times) – Total amount of used coupons. This value should be set to 0 when a new coupon is being created.

2. Register user discount – a percent ( % ) value can be set, all registered users will receive this discount when booking the journey.

3. Return journey discount – a percent ( % ) value can be set, all return journeys will be discounted by this value.