Mobile app issues and what to do

Learn how to solved some of the potential problems with the app.

Potential issue: Driver install and login to app but not visible on the map ​​​

For the driver to appear on the map in dispatch, driver needs to:

  • Install the driver up
  • Login with details provided by the admin
  • Press Start button – this option switch on the tracking functionality
  • Ensure mobile GPS tracking functionality is on

Sometimes the Host URL might change while your are still logged in (for example you activate SSL certificate in your website and the URL now starts with https://), so in this case you need to logout and login again using correct Host URL

Potential issue: Network request failed error message ​​

If you see Network request failed error message, please ensure Host URL, Email and Password you enter in login form are correct. Also please check Potential issue: Driver install and login to app but not visible on the map section.

Potential issue: Can’t login to the app

Driver need to ensure Host URL, Email and Password are correct.
Admin should provide correct Host URL which can be found in Admin -> Settings -> Mobile Apps section. Each symbols matters, including last slash symbol ” / “, otherwise connection will not be possible.

Potential issue: Network Error message display on the device

For driver to be visible on the map in the dispatch screen, driver has to activate “Start” button in the app otherwise no location coordinates (GPS) will be shared with the system.

Potential issue: Driver is logged in the driver app but not visible on the map in the dispatch screen?

When this message is display, please ensure battery saving mode is disabled as it might cause connection problems with the server.
In case the SSL certificate is installed on your server, please make sure it is installed correctly and it is not returning a warning message saying that the connection is insecure.

Potential issue: Driver is visible on map but not moving?

This is cause by driver phone being set to battery saving mode which deactivates GPS feature which is required to obtain driver’s current location.
The system saves last received driver location, so if your driver battery goes into saving mode it will display last available location but from that point doesn’t receive information thus showing driver not moving on map.

Potential issue: I can’t login to driver app with my admin account

If you see this error message “You must have a driver account to use this mobile app!” when login to driver app that means you are using wrong account type. The driver app was designed with driver in mind so only driver type accounts can use it. Admin can access his account by using internet browser e.g. Google Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari etc. To create new or manage existing driver accounts go to Users -> Drivers tab.



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