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Mail delivery troubleshooting

The following content and advice relates to platforms which are NOT supported by EasyTaxiOffice. This means we cannot not guarantee any support for them. Please keep in mind that this material is provided for your information only and if you choose to use it, you are doing so at your own risk.

How to fix a SMTP connection problem?

The most popular problem with SMTP connections is an incorrect mailbox password typed in the EasyTaxiOffice Software Mail settings. If the mailbox password is changed and the software settings have not been altered, the connection will not be established. To restore it, please go to Settings -> Mail -> Connection type -> SMTP and type in the correct password for your mailbox (the one used to log into the email account).

Why does the booking notification not reach the recipients?

EasyTaxiOffice takes care that all e-mails sent out by our software are up to the highest standard when it comes to being readable for mail services. There are however other external factors (web servers, DNS, blacklists etc.) that can influence the successful delivery of your e-mail.

To help locate the problem and find more about your mailbox’s server IP address (it might be on a blacklist) we would suggest doing a quick test. To perform the test you can use a simple online tool offered by MXToolbox website. Run a quick test. (Note: To run a test in the field “Email Address” enter the email address you have entered in Settings -> Mail -> From email field in your software and press “Check Email Health” button).

If the test identifies some problems, please contact your hosting and/or mailbox provider for further assistance and expertise on the subject.