I can’t login to my account

Why it happens?

Most likely it happens because browser temporary data is outdated.


What do do?

Please ensure the following:

  1. Make sure your are using the latest version of the browser.
  2. Clear browser cache and cookies and the try again.
  3. Do not use form auto-complete option that is build in the browser, clear login fields and type in email and password manually.
  4. Make sure the login and password are entered correctly.
  5. Try different browser and see if you can login.
  6. If you see message “Whoops something went wrong” during the login process, it might mean that security token has expired and you need to re-enter the login URL in your browser and hit enter button in order to refresh the token and be able to login to the admin panel. Please don’t use refresh button as it will send the old token back to the server and the same error will come up.


Didn’t help? Here is what to do next:

If whatever you have done doesn’t help, you need a professional to take care of it. You can contact us by email support@easytaxioffice.co.uk and describe the issue. Please remember that this is not part of free support as it is external issue and you will be charge for it. Please read below Terms and Conditions

In order to let us fix this issue please:

  1. Provide access to EasyTaxiOffice application dashboard.
  2. Inform us of any modification anyone from your team has made to system source code or your server configuration.