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Geolocation limitations

Why it happens?

Modern browsers security policies set certain limitations how browser build in APIs are used e.g. geolocation feature therefore this option might sometimes not work out of the box and it can require some additional settings. If this is the case you might see a popup warning something like this “Geolocation has been disabled in this document by Feature Policy.”


What do do?

Please ensure the following:

  1. Make sure the website and software are using secure connection (SSL). If this is not set, you might see a security warning popup when using this option “Only secure origins are allowed”.
  2. Make sure your are using the latest version of the software.
  3. Make sure your are using the latest version of the web booking widget integration code described in this guide.  It is important to have this parameter allow="geolocation" in  your iFrame code. The latest WordPress integration plugin has this option already build in, you just need to make sure the plugin is up to date in your website (download and upload it to your plugins folder using FTP client).
  4. Check if geolocation option is not blocked in your browser settings.
  5. Make sure your are using the latest version of the browser.
  6. Clear browser cache and cookies and the try again.
  7. Try different browser and see if works.
  8. If you are using WIX website builder this option will not work due to its limitations which prevents using certain type of browser APIs when using iFrame integration (this is the only integration method currently supported by WIX platform).
  9. If all of the solutions listed above did not work you can always disable “Get my current locations” button in your software admin panel just go to Settings->Web Booking Widget->Step 1 and disable “Display get current location button” option (available since v3.23.0).


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