Do you have a problem with mobile app?

Please provide us with the following informations, they will help us to find the issue quicker.

  1. Do you have a problem with Passenger or Driver app?
  2. Which version of the app is currently installed on your device?
  3. What is the model and operating system of the device that you have a problem with?
  4. Do you see any other error messages? If so how often do you see them, all the time or sometimes?
  5. Did you try to reinstall the app? What happens then?
  6. Please send a screenshot or a video showing the problem/error.
  7. What are the account details that you are trying to connect to?


Here are some known issues.

If you cannot login with to your account please make sure that the Host URL, Email and Password are valid.
For the Host URL you need to make sure that it is exactly the same as it is displayed in Admin -> Settings -> Mobile Apps section, otherwise you might experience problems with connection.
Sometimes the Host URL might change while your are still logged in (for example you activate SSL certificate in your website and the URL now starts with https://), so in this case you need to logout and login again using correct Host URL.


If you see Network Error message on your device please make sure that battery saving mode is disabled as it might cause connection problems with the server.
This might also cause problems that the driver is not visible on the map in admin panel because battery saving mode deactivates GPS feature that is required to obtain driver’s current location.
In case the SSL certificate is installed on your server, please make sure it is valid and it is not breaking the connection.