Please note, this is an old guide for Server Deployment only, for Cloud service please use our Knowledge Base

“Could not connect to the database” error message

Error message “Could not connect to the database” means the software cannot connect to its database to load or to save the data.

1. To fix it you need to ensure the software database exists on your server and it is working correctly. For details of the current database check the config file /your_software_root_folder/config.php.

2. Next ensure the database login details (Hostname, Port, Username, Password) are up to date in the software config file located in this path “/your_software_root_folder/config.php”.

In case you need help with re-connecting your database please contact your hosting provider and point them the config file location so they can update the details for you.

In case the above fix didn’t help then please check which MySQL version your server is currently operating on, if it is “MariaDB 10.2.35 or 10.3.26” then please set your server PHP version to 7.3 and try again. This issues might occur if you have performed database upgrade recently. To check database version please contact your hosting provider.


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