Booking software in not giving correct prices?

Here is what to do:

  1. Please make sure you have correctly configured price settings in your admin panel.
    Here is a tutorial showing how to do it.
  2. Please check if meet and greet, parking, time, holiday, night or any other charges are applied for this search as these settings might modify the price.
    You can check any of the applied charges in summary section in 3rd step of the booking process.
  3. Please make sure that location suggestions are set correctly in Admin -> Settings -> Locations tab. You should be using full addresses to help Google properly geocode it and get right postcode which is use for applying fixed prices.
    Example, instead of “Heathrow Terminal 5” it should be “Heathrow Terminal 5, TW6 2GA, UK”.
    Here is a tutorial showing how to do it.
  4. Make sure Google Service integration is valid, here is a tutorial showing how to set it up.
    The problem might be that the billing profile is not set in your Google Developer account (see step 5) or Google API keys are invalid. Because of that the system won’t work properly and the distance between locations cannot be calculated which results in incorrect price.


Didn’t help? Here is what to do next:

Contact us by email and describe the issue. We can only help if we have below information:


  1. Journey details: FROM and TO address, journey DATE and TIME, VEHICLE TYPE.
  2. Is it millage or fixed price the issue with?
  3. What price is display, what price you expect to be display?
  4. Did you had any problems with the price for this route before.
  5. Provide access to ETO application dashboard (admin panel).
  6. Inform us of any modification anyone from your team has made to system source code.