Hosting / Server setup

In order to setup the software, please provide us with access to your hosting / server account. The details should include:

Hosting / Server access to:
– 1 x MySQL database (Hostname, Username, Password, Database name)
– FTP access (Hostname, Username, Password)
Hosting / Server needs to have:
– PHP v7.1 or v7.2 or v7.3
– Operating System: Linux

 Note: This tutorial will instruct you on how to install the Software on your own and free of charge. If you wish to use our help in the process, we provide this service at a price of £20.

 Note: Before sending any details to us, please ensure:

  1. Provided information has been check and are correct
  2. Provided login details has been check and it is possible to login with it
  3. Provided domain exist in provided account.

Failing to provide correct details will case delays and if our team has been mislead causing additional work, an additional fee will be apply for the team time.