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Web Booking loading speed

All you need to know about website / web booking loading speed and how to improve it.

Loading order

It is important to understand that Web Booking loading speed within a website depends how the website is build and it’s content.

The Web Booking on its own e.g. web booking example loads very fast but when it is placed in the website, its loading speed is delayed by the website loading speed.

Loading order:

– full website
– web booking

This means if your website is loading 3-4 seconds it means the web booking will not be loaded until website is loaded.


How to improve loading speed?

The answer is quite simple – optimise website to load faster and the web booking will load faster. Few tips what to do:

1. Move your website to a better host
2. Optimise the size of images on your website
3. Reduce the number of plugins
4. Reduce the number of JavaScript and CSS files
5. Implement website caching
6. Implement Gzip Compression
7. Eliminate 404 errors
8. Reduce redirects


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