Please note, this is an old guide for Server Deployment only, for Cloud service please use our Knowledge Base

Price setup 

EasyTaxiOffice pricing system is easy to work with. Let’s learn how to get it right.

Why settings prices correctly matters?


  • Because it allows your customer to see accurate quote for journey they want to book.
  • Because it allows your operator/admin to add new booking fast without manual calculation.

How is the price calculated?


  • Distance pricing – allows setting price per mile/kilometre. This cost also can be modified depending on vehicle type and distance thresholds (amount of mi/km).
    For more information check Distance pricing examples
    You can find it in Pricing -> Distance & Time
  • Time pricing – allows setting price per minute. Especially useful when operating in very busy areas like town centres.
    You can find it in Pricing -> Distance & Time
  • Fixed pricing – allows to set a fix fare from A to B locations. Fixed Prices takes priority over distance and time calculations.
    For more information check Fixed Price guide
    You can find it in Pricing -> Fixed Pricing
  • Night time, holidays and special days pricing – allow to set additional increases for specific date and time.
    You can find it in Pricing -> Night Surcharge and Holiday Surcharge
  • Additional items – a set of charges can be set for Meet & Greet, Parking, Child seat, many other items can be created depends on need, e.g. Bottle of water or a Newspaper.
    You can find it in Pricing -> Additional Charges

Price setup requirements

For Prices to work correctly it is important these modules has been setup correctly.

– Google Services
– Locations
– Airport Detection

Google Services integration let the system to calculate distance between locations, geocode locations, get address suggestions, display map. Read how to integrate Google Services.

Locations are the journey’s From and Dropoff points. Locations let the system to communicate with Google Services, so routes can be detected and calculated correctly. Read how to setup location.

Airport Detection let system to understand when Meet & Greet option to be available and Flight number, Flight landing time, Departure city, Waiting time after landing options to replace default Full Address.


Price setup checklist
  1. Ensure distance & time and/or Fixed Prices price has been setup correctly.
  2. Ensure additional details Meet and greet, Parking, Holiday & Night surcharges or any other charges are applied for this search as these settings might modify the price.
    You can check any of the applied charges in summary section in 3rd step of the booking process.
  3. Please make sure that location suggestions are set correctly in Admin -> Settings -> Locations tab. You should be using full addresses to help Google properly geocode it and get right postcode which is use for applying fixed prices.
    Example, instead of “Heathrow Terminal 5” it should be “Heathrow Terminal 5, TW6 2GA, UK”.
    Here is a tutorial showing how to do it.
  4. Make sure Google Service integration is valid, here is a tutorial showing how to set it up.
    The problem might be that the billing profile is not set in your Google Developer account (see step 5) or Google API keys are invalid. Because of that the system won’t work properly and the distance between locations cannot be calculated which results in incorrect price.

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