Please note, this is an old guide for Server Deployment only, for Cloud service please use our Knowledge Base

Fixed Price is not correct? Here is what to do.

Learn how to test Fixed Prices

How to test Fixed Price?

  • Login to the software
  • Navigate to Settings -> Price -> Fixed Pricing
  • Find the Fixed Price you want to test (use Search option if you have many entries)
  • Record on paper Fixed Price details you are testing: pickup location, dropoff location, date, time, price for specific type of vehicle
  • In Web Booking form, use recorded details and see if the price is the same
    Note: You can always find web booking by typing your software url and adding to it /booking/widget

Web Booking price match Fixed Price set in the software?

Great, all working well.

Web Booking price doesn’t match Fixed Price set in the software?

Check the fallowing settings to ensure all have been setup correctly:


  1. Ensure you have Fixed Prices calculation enable, go to Settings -> Web Booking – General
  2. Ensure Fixed Price is Activate (tick-box above Save button is tick)
  3. Ensure the Fixed Price date & time settings is available for date & time of your booking
  4. Night Surcharge can increase the price, so ensure you it is taken into account. Check Settings -> Pricing -> Night Surcharge
  5. Holiday Surcharge can increase the price, so ensure you it is taken into account. Check Settings -> Pricing -> Holiday Surcharge
  6. Check if you check the route in correct order, if Direction is set From->To it means it doesn’t work the other way around.

    eg. if Fixed Price is set From->To (Heathrow to E1), Web Booking will display correct price when search for Heathrow to E1 but not E1 to Heathrow

    To enable both ways, change Direction to Both Ways.

  7. Ensure Zones, Postcode, Outcodes and Locations added into fields From Postcode and To Postcode have been correct.

    – When using Zone+ option, first each Zone has to be created in Settings -> Zones, anything else typed into fields From Postcode, To Postcode will not work. Ensure the Zone is set within the country you operate and setup system Setting -> Google -> option(s) Google restriction region/country/language code.
    – When using Postcode+ option, system accept use of any outcodes like E2, E3, etc.
    Please note postcodes like W1, EC1, EC2, etc is not accepted by the system. Reason for it is such postcodes does not exist, they are broken down into smaller districts like for W1 are WC1A, WC1B, WC1E, WC1H, WC1N, etc
    – To add places eg. city names, hotels, stations, airports, these needs to be first added to Location tab (Settings -> Locations). Once added, these will appear as suggestion when typing in fields From Postcode, To Postcode. Places which have not been added to Locations first will not be recognised.

  8. If you use setting Operating Area (Setting -> Operating Area), option Allow booking and add driver journey to total price this will affect the price as driver journey cost is added to the price.
  9. Check if Min price per journey (Settings -> Booking -> Min price per journey) doesn’t override the total price. It is common if journey price is low.

Return journey price

This setting allows to set Return journey price same as Outbound. To change it, go to Settings -> Google -> Calculate return journey price the same way as outbound -> Save