Please note, this is an old guide for Server Deployment only, for Cloud service please use our Knowledge Base

Fixed Price – Import

Learn how to upload Fixed Prices from excel format in bulk.

Download spreadsheet

1. Go to Settings -> Pricing -> Fixed Prices -> add at the end of URL /import.
Example URL
2. Download right spreadsheet. If you are using different type of vehicles you should use Download Standard Template with Vehicles.

Prepare spreadsheet

1. For columns FROM and TO use only out-codes e.g. EC2Y or full postcodes e.g EC2Y 8DS. Locations names e.g. Heathrow or Bristol will not be accepted.
2. If Action is set to “Override”, leave Price column set to 0.
Price column value should only be use when Action is set to “Add” or “Multiply”.
3. Vehicle columns – names has to be exactly how these are named in the software otherwise after upload the price for those with different vehicle type name will be set to 0. Capital letters matter.
4. Prices in Vehicle columns can not contain currency symbol.
5. Save file as .csv. When saving ensure Field Delimiter (see above image) is set to Comma.

Upload spreadsheet

1. Go to Settings -> Pricing -> Fixed Prices -> add at the end of URL /import.
2. Upload file using option Upload file -> Choose file.
3. Once you choose a file, additional setting will appear, do not change anything unless you understand what it means.
Import type: Standard
Delimiter: Comma ” ; “
Status: Active
Direction: Both Ways is a standard but you can change it to From->To if needed.
Vehicles option leave it as it is unless you have been advice to change it
Limit to specific date and time: You can set it to specific period if needed
3. When all is set, click Import.

Imported result

After upload, Imported value should be equivalent to number of rows (Fixed Prices) you have uploaded.

If system display Skipped: value more than 0, it means some rows has been setup incorrectly. To correct it, the easiest would be to use option Delete all DATA, correct the file and upload it again.

Delete all DATA – deletes all existing Fixed Pricing. Very useful if you have lots of unneeded pricing and you want to remove it. Use with care as delete data can not be recovered.