Please note, this is an old guide for Server Deployment only, for Cloud service please use our Knowledge Base

Starter Web Design setup

To setup Starter Web Design on your server, follow this steps:


  1. Login to your website/server account where you would like to install the website template using your favorite FTP client e.g. FileZilla.
  2. Navigate to your website main directory.
  3. Download archived file (The link provided separately), unzip it and upload all files to the directory described in step 2. You need to upload both “installer.php” and website zip files.
  4. Create new MySQL database and make a note of these details, you will need them in next step.
  5. Open your browser and type in “”.
    The domain name and installation folder will vary depending on where you have uploaded all files.
  6. If everything was done correctly you should now see installation screen.
    Please provide all required information displayed on installer page e.g. database connection and click install.
  7. Once the installation process is completed, navigate to “” screen in order to access admin panel where you can manage all website content and settings (Login details provided separately).
  8. If you would like to connect web booking widgets to your newly installed website template please see this tutorial, it explains step by step how to it.
  9. That’s all. Enjoy!