Please note, this is an old guide for Server Deployment only, for Cloud service please use our Knowledge Base

Twilio SMS integration with EasyTaxiOffice software

Twilio is not developed or maintained by EasyTaxiOffice, and EasyTaxiOffice is not responsible for its operation or security. By integrating Twilio, you will be able to send SMS notification. In case of any issue with Twilio account or its processes, please contact Twilio support.

Twillo integration is only available for version 4.0.

Integration process:

  1. Register or use an existing Twilio account.
  2. Login and navigate to Dashboard -> Third Party User Guide section and activate your account billing profile.
  3. Next go to Dashboard -> Project Info section.
  4. Copy “Account SID“, “Auth Token” and “Twilio Phone Number” in to the software Settings -> Integration -> Twilio, update all details, activate this service and save all changes.
  5. Activate the countries you would like to enable SMS option for, you can do it in Programmable SMS -> Settings -> Geo Permissions (Messaging Geographic Permissions) tab in your Twilio account.
  6. Please see attached screenshots below for more details.