How to integrate Google services with booking software?

This service is provided by a third party company. We don’t take any responsibility for any changes in how this service operates or works. Any issue with this service you need to discuss directly to company which provide it.

Google services are required in order to make booking software fully operational.
It is used to calculate distance between locations, geocode locations, get address suggestions, display map etc.
All these information are needed to calculate the journey price that will be displayed to customer during the booking process.

To make the integration, please follow the steps below.

  1. Register or use an existing Google developer account.
  2. Once you are logged in, please navigate to APIs & Services -> Credentials and create new project (enter a name you will recognise as your company).
  3. Now click in Create credentials -> API key and make a note of the auto generated key.
    In most cases you will use same API key for all services, in some instances you may use a different one for each service.
    Take those API keys and add to the software Settings -> Google -> add keys -> Save
  4. Next, navigate to APIs & Services -> Library and using search option find and enable each of the services listed below (one by one). Please see attached screenshots below for more details.
    • Directions API
    • Places API
    • Geocoding API
    • Maps JavaScript API
    • Maps Embed API
  5. Important! You also must enable billing profile for your project in Billing -> Overview tab otherwise Google will apply daily limits and the API you have created won’t work. Please see the last screenshot below for more details.

Note: You can read more about limits and charges here.

I see this warning message “This key is unrestricted”, do I have to restrict api key?

The api key restriction is not required for the software to work, but to prevent unauthorised use and quota theft you might want to restrict your key usage.

In order to do it you will have to set up two separate API keys:
Browser key (it will be assigned to the domain or sub-domain where the system is installed e.g. “*” or “*”)
Server key (it will be assigned to your server IP address e.g. “”). You can check your domain or sub-domain IP address here, just enter its name in the box and click “Lookup” button.

Once you have created and restricted your API keys you must update them in Admin -> Settings -> Google -> API keys section setting like this:

Maps JavaScript API = Enter browser key here
Maps Embed API = Enter browser key here

Directions API = Enter your server key here
Places API = Enter your server key here
Geocoding API = Enter your server key here

If done correctly your api key should be restricted now.