Please note, this is an old guide for Server Deployment only, for Cloud service please use our Knowledge Base integration

This integration enables import of booking from Taxi Portal to EasyTaxiOffice software and it’s complete management from EasyTaxiOffice software. Improve how your company work by signing up with EasyTaxiOffice today.


To take advantage of this integration  you need to be a part of the Taxi Partner program in order to use it.

This service is provided by a third party company. We don’t take any responsibility for any changes in how this service operates or works. Any issue with this service you need to discuss directly to company which provide it.

To make the integration, please follow the steps below.

  1. Join Taxi Partner program. Please contact their support team to learn how to do so.
  2. Once you have an account with them you should get your own API Client ID and Client Secret keys.
  3. Next login to the software admin panel and navigate to Settings -> Integration -> tab.
  4. Update your Client ID and Client Secret keys, activate this service. Setup vehicle type mapping in “Assign vehicle types” section before you import any bookings if this is not done correctly then you will have to correct each booking manually later on. If needed adjust other available options and save all changes.
  5. When you are done with the integration please see this section below “How to manage imported booking?” to understand how it works.
  6. Please see attached screenshot below for more details.

How to manage imported booking?

  1. Navigate to Bookings -> All tab and click “Load external sources” button available at the very top of the screen. This option will import all bookings from your Taxi Portal to EasyTaxiOffice software (ETO).
  2. All imported bookings will have a reference number in ETO starting with the letter “B” plus the reference number (LEG ID). Example B30493476.
  3. As per guidelines only one panel should be used at a given time to manage bookings that is either ETO or Taxi Portal. For example if you accept a booking using Taxi Portal panel the API will show it as NEW and the other way around.
  4. When you get a new booking it will have status Unconfirmed if you change the status to Confirmed or Assigned it will automatically confirm the booking in Taxi Portal.
  5. When you cancel the booking in ETO it will also cancel it in the Taxi Portal.
  6. When cancels the booking it will also cancel it in ETO.
  7. Please note the does not automatically inform ETO about changes to the bookings so it is important to click the “Load external sources” button every so on so the system can import new bookings and update existing ones.
  8. When status is set to PENDING AMENDMENT you will see additional button next to the ref number called “Review“. This button will open a popup where you can see all changes that were made to the booking since last import and action on them, Accept or Reject it.
  9. When status is set to PENDING CANCELLATION you will see a red warning icon next to the booking ref number. To let know that you have seen it and to confirm the cancellation you need to change ETO booking status to “Cancelled“.
  10. Please note that API do not send price breakdown and all charges are included in total price.
  11. When a booking is deleted from the ETO panel it does not remove the booking in Taxi Portal.
  12. Please see attached screenshot below for more details.