October update

– New Dispatcher tab has been added allowing admin to use three module in one tab: Add new booking, see driver on map and see latest booking list allowing fast and easier dispatching.
– Improved login and register page style.
– Improved multi-site functionality in app loader function.
– Fixed problem with displaying correct feedback link in customer account.
– Added dispatcher tab.
– RingCentral changed app key.
– Improved quote location geocoding function.
– Moved pricing to settings menu.
– Added web widget integration page to settings menu.
– Improved in quote module driver journey route finding (shortest).
– Changed “_parent” to “_top” target link to avoid problems with popup permissions when iframe loaded in another iframe.
– Improved “Airport detection” module in backend.

September update

– Fixed bug with wrong formatting in pdf library when running php 7.1.
– Vehicles module has been moved to settings.
– Added new option “Fastest (Without traffic)” to route type in Google settings.
– Updated iframeResizer plugin.
– Add new booking by admin has been updated – from this version, all booking add in dashboard will have “Source” marked as Admin, giving indication it has been add by Admin. The source can be change while New booking is add.
– PayPal transaction notification improvements.
– Added operating area check to scheduled service.

– Fixed problem with sending duplicate notifications when transaction status is set to paid and the link session has expired.
– Improved notification messages.

August update

– Changed default value for “incomplete_bookings_delete_after” option to 72h
– Updated “date range picker” plugin to the latest version
– Improved image resize functionality
– Added help popup to Fixed Prices tab
– Updated notification translations
– Added “optional” message to full address and comments fields in booking form.
– Added email verification in booking form in admin panel.
– Added min booking time countdown in booking form.
– Added help info to vehicle type image upload option.


Caller ID has been added to the system
What it means is that we have connected software to RingCentral telephony system. When company opens an account with RingCentral telephone and connect to software, admin will be able to see Caller details if the phone number has been used previously. Admin will be also able to see details of the previous Caller booking helping to quickly proceed with finding information and making new booking. Please check screenshots in this tutorial.

Other updates

– Fixed problem with min booking time in scheduled service.
– Added help info in payment method page.
– Added option to trim white spaces from API key fields during saving.
– Fixed issue with onload scrolling in customer account.
– Added no transaction error message in payment page.
– Fixed problem with direction route finding. The problem occurred when the date was in the past (old bookings).
– Added option to hide service dropdown menu if there is only one option available.
– Improved Google Analytics and Adwords tracking.

July update

– Added dropdown arrow icon support for iOS devices.
– Booking from and customer account layout improvements.
– Added option to enable/disable postcode check in quote module.
– Added service type restriction to payment methods.
– Hide services dropdown menu if there is only one option available.
– Disabled minimum date restriction in booking edit form.
– Disabled double quote check when date of the booking has changed.
– Removed “no location” error message from booking edit form.
– Improved scheduled service time selection on iOS.

– Fixed problem with airport detection in quote module.
– Improved info popups in config tab.
– Improved customer registration form.
– Improved translations.
– Improved user account functionality.
– Improved booking form functionality.
– Added international phone number support in booking form.
– Fixed problem with night surcharge range overlapping, double price.
– Fixed problem with distance “Add” factor when via and operating address is present.
– Added “no_https_redirect” option which fixes problem with WorldPay payment response.
– Price quote improvements.
– Fixed problem with accuracy out of range in users database table.
– Admin booking edit tab improvements.
– Fixed bug with min booking time in booking form.
– Fixed bug in price quote. Removed double calculations when applying vehicle factor in base price when via address has been entered.
– Improved Scheduled Route functionality.
– Driver booking tab improvements.
– Updated translations.
– Renamed “Language” section to “Localization” in config tab and moved some option in from other sections.
– Added few new options to date and time format field in config tab.
– Improved night surcharge functionality. Now more options can be added.

June update

– Updated translations in Types of Vehicles tab.
– Fixed problem with Stripe payment redirect which caused sending a duplicate booking confirmation email.
– Added warning message for meeting board “download” and “print” buttons in driver app.
– Added feedback functionality (Comments, Lost & Found, Complaints).

– Added option to enable iFrame scroll to top functionality and position offset.
– Improved delete record message in vehicle type tab.
– Added option to calculate return journey price the same way as one way to avoid slightly different price calculated google maps based on slightly different way back distance.
– Create functionality so email is send when booking has been cancel.
– New functionality has been created to allow send driver and vehicle details to customer upon driver assignment.
– New functionality has been created to allow admin and driver print and download Meeting Board.
– Cancellation functionality has been expanded. Now admin can choose if to allow driver cancel a job and send automatic email to the customer informing of job cancelation or only cancel the job and admin will contact customer in regards to it (new status has been add to “Driver cancelled”.
– Added driver app trial mode allowing all new customer to test Driver App free of charge for first 30 days.
– Scheduled route feature has been added to system (available only at special request)

May update

– A new panel ‘Services’ has been created to allow setting different service type influencing Web Booking calculation
– Fixed bug with Squareup payment redirection when in iframe.
– Fixed bug with Squareup payment notification status update.
– Notification system improvement – notification with Driver and Vehicle details send to customer can be automatically set to be sent with status Job Accepted or On Route,
– Terms and Condition page has been add to the system – no need to use external T&C anymore. now it can be set to automatically be added as PDF to Booking Confirmation email and display in third step of the Web Booking,
– some translations updates.
– Map improvements in admin panel.

– Improved booking ref number generation function.
– Added SMS Gateway API support. It allows to send SMS directly from mobile (beta version)
– Added option to enable or disable extra geocode location finder function in quote file.
– Added option to send driver details to customer when driver is assigned.
– Moved “timestamp” site config option to app config.
– Added option to switch between internal or external Terms and Conditions.
– Masked Stripe keys in edit payment type.
– Fixed problem with map scaling in admin panel.
– Simplified user and vehicle menu in admin tab.
– Fixed bug with calculating total price in admin (division by zero).
– Added preferred notification language in booking edit tab.
– Some Improvements to booking and calendar functionality.
– Some Improvements to admin and driver interface.
– Added option to set user’s default language.
– Few bug fixes.
– Now all bookings email are send in a default customer profile language.
– Improved return url option in edit booking tab.
– Calendar now remembers current state.
– Added more booking details to confirmation email.
– Added few option to control booking details visibility in admin calendar.
– Added additional info option to BACS payment method.
– Added “minutes after landing” text to driver job detail page.

April update

– Customer App is available
– Added Customer push notifications
– Added Customer app support
– Fixed bug with payment testing value
– Added auto redirect to previous page after editing the booking
– Booking listing will now expand its height depending on page size and not the content as it was before
– Moved “Driver App” menu to “Settings” menu
– Fixed bug with modal jumping to bottom of the page on iOS device
– Fixed bug with Google Maps in admin
– Added auto refresh counts in driver dashboard
– Added Squareup payment method
– Some bug fixes
– Some layout improvements
– Hungarian translations updated

March update

– Operating Area has been expanded. Now you have additional choice how it influence Price of any journey that neither start or finish in Operating Area. Now you can set:
a). Booking is not allowed – This will not allow booking to be made. A message will be display that company is not operating within this area.
b). Allow submitting booking without price – It allows booking to be made but pricing is not displayed. A message appear “Please finish booking reservation without price and we will provide you with a quote”. Prices are not displayed but booking can be made as normal with Reserve button at the end instead of Case or Credit Card payment.
c). Allow booking and add driver journey to total price – It allows booking to be made but adds cost of driver journey to the nearest point (Pickup/Dropoff).

– Show Company Name next to the name
– Simplified search From and To fields in booking add new and edit tabs
– Enable changing booking status directly from booking listing tab
– Improved search system in booking edit tab in admin
– Notification system has been improved – now you can control what notification will be send to Customer, Driver and Admin and how they will be send – via Email, SMS or App (depending on availability)
– Added “Support” link in admin menu, so you can easily access documentation “How to use”
– Improved mail option, added sendmail
– Fixed some bug in parking charge
– Added vehicle min price option in config tab – now you can set individual price for each vehicle type
– Improved invoice file name format
– Displayed price summary in booking detail page and email
– In add new and edit booking we enabled autocomplete data when assigning customer


February update

– Displayed price summary in booking detail page and email.
– Autocomplete data when assigning customer.
– Added “New” symbol to booking listing as indication of new booking creation.
– Added driver unique_id to driver list in filter and sorted it by this value.
– After creating new booking user will be redirected to Latest page.
– Added driver and status notes in the booking.
– Added “Show/Hide” functionality to some fields in config tab.
– Added logo upload option in admin.
– Added view invoice option in listing.
– Improved duplicate booking option.
– Added new status “arrived”.
– Displayed driver details in booking details page.
– Improved language switcher.
– Added “Italian” and “Hungarian” translations.
– Lots of interface improvements.


January update

– Added user online status in avatar in users tab.
– Improved UI in vehicle type listing tab.
– Improve responsiveness of listing tabs.
– Added option to clear state (cookies) in listings.
– Added new interface to enter parking charge.
– Added option to create custom dropdown menus in additional charges tab.
– Fixed problem with sending booking details to admin.
– Fixed price deposit.
– Added waiting time charge option.
– Added icon and colour picker option to location category tab.
– Simplified user interface in driver and admin panels.
– Added shortcut status links for booking listing in admin.
– Improved filter search in booking listing tab.


December update

– Added vehicle and payment image upload option.
– Added new option to operating area tab.
– Improved auto refresh booking listing option.
– Added night and holiday charge factor type in config tab.
– Added payment method and payment status filters in booking tab in admin.
– Added show traffic and labels option in map tab.
– Added duplicate booking option in admin.
– Added Payzone payment option.
– Added “BACS” payment method.
– Displayed all statuses in booking filter status dropdown menu.
– Improved navigate link in driver account.
– Improved calendar in admin.
– Improved date format, admin can now choose format type.
– Adde Show “Unique ID” next to driver name.
– Added few options in config tab to control what driver can see in his account.
– Hide driver income for “onroute” and “onboard” statuses so that customer can not see how much driver earns.
– Bug fixes.