Support Terms & Conditions

Find out how our support works

Free Support

Our free support covers only issues that have not being caught by our testing. Any issues caused by external forces can be solved by our team but are not included within FREE support and you will be charge at rate of £30 per hour and requested to make the payment within 3 working days.

Possible external forces issues: Staff errors or code damage, hacking, server failures, being blocked by spam systems, issues with browser or device.

Please also remember that in many instances we are not able to notified you of additional costs upfront as often to figure out where problem is we need to spend time to investigate and run tests, so by asking our help you agree that you will be charge for time our team work on the issue.

Our aim is to deal with most of the issues within 3 working days, but if you would like to have a faster support and a peace of mind your company has support it needs, please check our Business Software Hosting for details here.

Business Software Hosting

  • We reserve rights to six months cancellation notice.
  • If EasyTaxiOffice gives a notice, the CLIENT will be offer software purchase at 50% discount and we provide free installation on CLIENT server. Read about requirements here.
  • If the CLIENT gives a notice, the Client can purchase the software at half the price if Client has been in contract with EasyTaxiOffice for at least 12 months, if not then full price apply. Client may request EasyTaxiOffice to provide setup available at the standard setup fee available at the time of setup. Read about requirements here.
  • Driver App and Customer App setup on CLIENT App store is within CLIENT means. Client may request EasyTaxiOffice to provide setup available at the standard setup fee available at the time of setup.
  • Client will enter automatic cancellation when payment has been delay by more than 10 days from agreed payment date. An invoice is send on the 1st day of a new month, CLIENT has 7 days to pay invoice. After 7 days, system will black account within 3 days.
  • Direct Debit setup payment is required.
  • Any issues caused by external forces e.g. CLIENT staff: delete data, change vital information, don’t want to follow setup documentation for email, google apis, etc.. , all those tasks can be performed by EasyTaxiOffice team but are not included in Business Software Hosting and would be treated as separate assignment and charge hourly rate of £30.
  • All above pricing might change over time.

How pay per hour service works?

  • CLIENT contact us and explain the issues,
  • We evaluate the problem and provide you with time estimate and cost associated with it,
  • We agree costs and time scale. Invoice will be send,
  • When invoice is paid we will progress with solving the issue.
  • In same cases we are not able to provide final costs until the work has  been completed. In this cases we will provide only estimate and progress with update when CLIENT agree to estimated costs.