Personalised App setup requirements

To have a personalised Passenger or Driver app setup, the company needs to provide:

    • Name for your app – this is the name that users will use to find the app in app stores. (It can’t be changed once the app is submitted to app stores).
    • High resolution logo for the app icons and listing. The logo needs to be provided in a “.png” format and have these dimensions: “1024 x 1024 px”. (Keep in mind that the logo also can’t be changed once the app is submitted to app stores).
    • Short and Full description of your app which will be used to promote the app across app stores. Short description cannot be longer than 80 characters long. Full description cannot be longer than 4000 characters long. Alternatively we can provide you with our standard generic app description.
    • Contact details for the app store listing Website URL, Email, Phone (optional)
    • The Privacy Policy page has to be available in your website. You need to send us a URL link to that site, it is required for app store listing.
    • Working SSL certificate for the domain or sub-domain where the booking system is installed.
    • The website and booking software has to be online during approval process.
    • App Store Hosting

There are two choices to app store hosting:

  • Setup your own app stores accounts with Google Play and Apple App Store and send us access to both accounts. This is pay service and costs are Google Play ~£20 ($25 USD) one-time, Apple app store ~£77 ($99 USD) per year.
    Here you can enroll for Apple and Google Developer Programs.
    Once you have your own account you will need to provide us access to it so we can publish the app within your account.
  • Or use our service and avoid the hustle of setup, communication and management – available for £70 per year.