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Welcome to the EasyTaxiOffice documentation! Get familiar with all EasyTaxiOffice products and explore their features!

The team behind EasyTaxiOffice

Our team is a group of professionals, people passionate about creating and developing new IT solutions. The unique product that we have created has allowed us to work with clients in the taxi industry from all around the world. By adapting the newest technology, we’ve built a fast and intuitive software that adapts to all taxi companies’ needs and can revolutionize your business.

What is EasyTaxiOffice?

EasyTaxiOffice is a specialistic software solution that allows you to manage bookings and dispatch taxis online. The system is complemented by easy-to-use mobile apps: Driver App and Passenger App. Armed with this set of innovative tools your work will become even easier and will bring better results with a lot less effort needed.

The key to any taxi business is how you handle your Pricing: from now on, you decide about changing your business model. You set and change prices without interference from the software provider and additional fees!

This is also true for other great tools that you will meet while working with EasyTaxiOffice and benefitting from their positive impact on your business.

For a affordable price (just a single, one-off payment needed) you can obtain all the software tools a taxi business requires to succeed!

What information is included into the User Guide?

The EasyTaxiOffice Guide has been created for the end user. This guide covers all the EasyTaxiOffice products and introduces them one by one to the user, teaching how to use the system to its fullest capacity and hence increase the company’s efficiency. The guide leads the reader through the basics like logging in, adding and managing bookings, but also describes more advanced tools like Pricing and the mobile apps which connect to the system.

The EasyTaxiOffice User Guide is split into chapters. These chapters are ordered in such a way as to aid your day by day progress while first using and getting to know the EasyTaxiOffice software.

Each chapter has clearly separated sub-sections which explain how to optimise your system usage and oversee the company’s growth by just looking at the admin panel.

The guide explains how to quickly manage all the bookings, divide everyday tasks and better the communication with drivers and customers.

Readers of the EasyTaxiOffice User Guide do not need to have development knowledge or prior knowledge of system.