Emails setup

This article will explain how to setup company email address in a correct way.

Step 1: Enter Company email in Settings -> General -> Company email. This email will be use for all outgoing email notifications send from the software.

Step 2: Setup Connection Type in Setting -> Integration -> Mail settings -> Connection Type.

PHP Mail: This setup is available only if your software and email address use the same domain name: Software sub-domain is e.g., your email address have to end with e.g.

SMTP: This setup is more flexible and can be use when your email address is different e.g. from your software sub-domain is e.g. This connection type require a setup of following details: Host, Port, Username, Password, Encryption type. This details can be found in your hosting / server account. If you don’t know where to find it, please contact your hosting / server provider and ask for it.


Step 3: Ensure Email testing option is deactivated in Settings -> Notifications -> Email testing (the field should be empty).

Step 4: Ensure if email address and mailbox exist and your server/firewall is not blocking sending emails. You can do that by login into your hosting / server account or contact your hosting / server provider.

 Note: Please note that software doesn’t influence if your email come to Spam or not. All emails send out from the system are user friendly, well formatted and readable for mail services.

If you made a connection as required and email still go to spam, it means there is an external issue. The are many factors that mail delivery depends on e.g. your server reputation, spam filters, DKIM and SPF modules correctly configured etc.

We suggest to start by checking and if needed to improve your server IP and your email address reputation.


Email coming to your inbox are going to Spam or Junk Folder?
– It happens when your email address is new. Nothing to worry about, just set it to “not Spam”.
– It happens when your email address or server IP reputation been set as Spam due to wrong use of your email in the past. If that is the case, it can be improved but it also require a number of testing and bit of work. To start, first contact your hosting / server provider and asked them what to do.

Having problem with email delivery to Hotmail mail servers?
– Please check if you are able to receive the emails to other email addresses/mailboxes if so then it means that the system is functioning correctly, messages are being sent out.
– Hotmail servers were hacked many times in the past and now they are very strict about all incoming emails. Your server has to comply with their rules otherwise emails can land in spam or not be delivered at all.
– If that is the case, it can be improved but it also require a number of testing and bit of work. To start, first contact your hosting / server provider and asked them what to do.

Didn’t help? Here is what to do next:

If whatever you have done doesn’t help, you need a professional to take care of it. You can contact us by email and describe the issue. Please remember that this is not part of free support as it is external issue and you will be charge for it. Please read below Terms and Conditions

In order to let us fix this issue please:

  1. Provide access to ETO application dashboard.
  2. Inform us of any modification anyone from your team has made to system source code.
  3. Inform us if you had any problems with same email address outside of ETO application.
  4. Inform us which notification(s) is not working.

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