Please note, this is an old guide for Server Deployment only, for Cloud service please use our Knowledge Base

Tracking a booking

Learn how to track a booking progress.

Once a job is dispatched to the driver, the admin is able to follow an ongoing booking in one of two ways:


  • Via status system – on various stages of completing his assignment the driver has to change the status of the booking (On Route, Arrived, On Board, Completed, Canceled) thus informing the admin about the job progress.
  • The Driver’s location is visible on a map in real time (driver app is required)
  • When a customer makes a new booking, a notification is displayed next to the Dispatch tab in the side menu. Additionally in the Dispatch tab any new bookings are highlighted in bright-yellow and a New label appears in the Info column next to them. It will stay there until an admin takes action to the booking or marks it as seen.
  • Email/SMS notification is sent to an admin. Find out more about notification setup HERE.

 Note: If you have more then two-free drivers we recommend using the Driver App – it allows the admin to see drivers on the map in real time and makes communication with driver faster thanks to instant notification coming directly to drivers’ mobile phones. Please read more HERE.