How is the price calculated

  1. Mileage & Time Prices is calculated based on distance between point A and B. For European market “mileage” can be change to “kilometres ”
  2. Fixed Price – overwrites mileage price, so if you set that between point A and point B you always charge e.g £50 that is how much it will always display as price.
  3. Additionally prices can be influenced by:
    – type of car
    – night time, holidays and other special days (if any are set)
    – mile threshold (like from 1 to 10 miles price * 1, 11-20 miles price * 1.2 and so on) (if any are set)
    – surcharge influencing specific district (out code) of postcode (e.g. if price for E2 is set to “ * 1.3 “, it rises all journey in E2 district by 30%. (available only for Mileage Price)