Please note, this is an old guide for Server Deployment only, for Cloud service please use our Knowledge Base

Passenger App (test account)

Note: We can personalise your app, filling it with your company’s full branding. Once we do that, your customers will be able to search for “Your Company Name” app from the app stores. The customised version will have the company logo, name and colors.
See our requirements for your very own Branded app HERE. Click HERE for pricing.

Downloading and installing

The process is very easy and takes only a minute. Customers download ETO Passenger app from the AppStore or Google Play and it automatically starts installing on their phones.

Company search

This field allows the customer to choose a specific company. While typing the beginning of a company’s name, the system will instinctively suggest a full company name.

Note: This step does not be appear in the company’s Branded app version.

Register or log in

Once the Customer installed the app, he can create a new user account or start using an existing one. After that, the app is ready to go and Customers can start booking.

Using the application

The app menu is designed in a clear and straightforward way. It consist of only the most vital options: Bookings, New Bookings, Profile.

Above the menu, there is a small tab that allows the Customers to switch between different languages in the app.

Bookings tab

A list of all the Customer’s previous bookings. The actions Customers can take in this tab are:


  • Details – Check all the necessary data and details for each booking.
  • Invoice – Print or download invoices for any booking in your history.
  • Leave feedback – Customers can share their opinion on the journey.

New Booking tab

Allows the Customer to create a new booking. A full and detailed instruction on how to do that, can be found here: Web Booking Widget (link)

Profile tab

Customer can enter and edit all his personal and contact details.

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