Please note, this is an old guide for Server Deployment only, for Cloud service please use our Knowledge Base


Map section allows the admin to see the company’s drivers in real-time. After installing the Driver App and clicking “Start”, the driver automatically pops up on the map. Drivers who do not have the app on their phones, will not be marked on the map.

The Map is based on the Google Maps engine which means it’s accurate and up to date offering the users many additional possibilities of viewing the map.

Map functions

  • Terrain – Click to see the exact lay of the land (hills, depressions).
  • Satellite – The satellite view shows the real and current aerial view of the area (roads, buildings).

Note: To add street and town names to the Satellite view, tick the empty box next to Labels.

  • Traffic – Shows what the traffic is like in real-time using colours (red means a traffic tie-up, green an easy open road)
  • Label – Adds the names of parks, tube stations, important public buildings, hotels and restaurants and many more to the map.
  • Search for location – Admin can enter any location and ask the system to find it on the map (the system’s will provide suggestions after you type in the first letters). This option allows the admin to focus the map on a chosen location and the drivers who are nearby. Use the mouse scroll to zoom in and out of the location.
  • Full-screen view (upper right box) –  Admin can adjust the map view, go full-screen, zoom in and out.

To use the map to its fullest potential, your drivers requires the Driver App. If you are interested in purchasing it, please check our pricing HERE.