Driver App – download and installation

For a driver to be able to use the app, he needs to:

  1. Search for “ETO Engine Driver App” and download the app form one of the app stores (Google Play or AppStore – depending on driver’s phone operating system)

 Note: Admin can also send his driver a direct link to app stores to shorten the journey.

2. Download the app and install it on his phone – this process is very easy and it takes only a minute.

 Note: We can personalise (white label) your app, filling it with your company’s full branding. Once we do that, your drivers will be able to search for “Your Company Name” app from the app stores. The customised version will have the company logo, name and colors.

See our white label setup app requirements HERE. Click HERE for pricing.

3. Login to the account with individual access details provided by admin (email, password) and by following a unique company Host URL.

Admin can find Host URL in Settings -> Mobiles Apps section of your dashboard.