Customer Account

The Customer Account allows the customers to make a new reservation, manage past bookings and their profile details.

Corporate accounts

Apart from the standard, Private accounts, a customer can also create a Company Account which adds these two helpful functionalities:

  • It allows the customer, an employee of the company running the account, to make a booking without the need of immediate payment. An additional option is available in the third step of booking “Reserve”.
  • The admin can produce periodic invoices which allow the customer to make just one payment for a number of bookings.

Register and login

Before customers can start using their account, they need to log in to an existing account (by providing their email and password) or create a new one (Register).

Using the customer account

The account menu consists of the most vital options: Bookings, New Bookings, Profile.

  • Bookings tab – a list of all the Customer’s previous bookings.

The actions Customers can take in this tab are:

Details – check all the necessary data and details for each booking.
Invoice – print or download invoices for any booking in your history.
Leave feedback – customers can share their opinion on the journey.

  • New Booking tab – allows the Customer to create a new booking. A full and detailed instruction on how to do that, can be found here: Web Booking Widget HERE.
  • Profile tab – in this tab the customer can enter or edit all his personal and contact details.


This tab allows the customer to change the language version to their prefered language.