Driver Availability module

Driver Availability module aims to provide companies with precise booking allocation when drivers are in limited capacity.

When enable system performs a check if any driver is available to do a booking. Driver availability depends on:

  1. Driver working hours (each driver can set his own working hours).
  2. Driver accepted bookings. Each booking time slots consist of:
     – Extra time before booking (admin can set amount in minutes)
     – Base (driver can set location) to Pickup journey time
     – Pickup to Drop-off actual booking journey time
     – Pickup to Base journey time
     – Extra time after booking (admin can set amount in minutes)

If drivers are available, the customer will be able to choose drivers vehicle from a list and make a booking. In this case driver is automatically assigned/

If no vehicle is available at a particular date and time a Contact link is displayed instead.

This module can be purchased as an add-on to the software. Check add-on price here.

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