Auto Dispatch module

Auto Dispatch is a module which automatically dispatches jobs (bookings) to drivers. Auto dispatch systems provide faster response, reduce operation times and for some businesses remove human operators.

How does it work?

When Auto dispatch is Active, the system automatically assigns dispatch jobs to drivers. The system matches drivers based on:

1. Vehicle capacity.
2. Driver nearest proximity to the pickup location.

How does the vehicle capacity work?

If the booking has a type of vehicle selected, the job will be dispatched to only drivers with the same type of vehicle.

If the booking has no type of vehicle selected, the job will be dispatched based on a minimum driver’s vehicle capacity.

Instances when type of vehicle is not selected are:
– operator didn’t choose it while creating new booking
– when a setting “Vehicle capacity automatic selection” is active. This can be activated in Settings -> Web Booking Widget -> Step1

Requirements for auto-dispatch to work

1. Driver App has to be enabled in the software. Get driver app.

2. Add a driver in Users -> Driver tab.

3. Add a vehicle in Settings -> Vehicles. Assign “Vehicle type”. Assign a driver to the vehicle.

4. In Settings -> Types of Vehicles tab, ensure type of vehicle (Saloon, Estate, etc) has no driver assigned. Assigning a driver to the type of vehicle in Types of Vehicles tab is used only with the Availability module.

5. Adjust auto-dispatch settings to your business needs in Settings -> Auto Dispatch.

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